Monday, August 7, 2017

New SIGE releases

ENDON "Through the Mirror" CS. The LP came out on Hydra Head Records, and the CD came out on Daymare Records, Japan.

Order here:

New full length album by ENDON, Japan's primary proprietors of catastrophic noise metal. Cassette edition of 75 copies, originally released on LP by Hydra Head Records and on CD by Daymare Recordings. Full color 6 panel j-card, black cassettes, printed labels.  Art and design by MA.

"Equal parts strafing electronic noise and chaotic old-skool emo violence/metallic hardcore, all 47 minutes bulge with operatic bombast, and amount to something ineffable and stunning." "This is a monumental work that should be heard by anyone interested in the forging of new paths in extreme music..." - The Quietus 

NORDRA (Monika Khot) "ST" debut album, single LP

You can order the LP here:

Debut album by Seattle's Nordra, aka Monika Khot. Desolate beat-scapes flecked with fleeting moments of beauty. Design by Nordra and SIGE, housed in letterpressed jackets by Stumptown Printers.  Edition of 300 copies, pressed on dried blood colored vinyl. 

"...tracks plowed relentlessly with complex martial rhythms buttressed by engrossingly desolate guitar and trumpet drones. Others wafted like anomic threnodies for this damaged, damned age. This music is the future of pop, right fucking now; you just don't realize it yet." - The Stranger 

Aaron Turner and Daniel Menche, "NOX" LP

You can order the LP here:

31 minute long-form collaborative track by Aaron Turner and Daniel Menche - utilizing field recordings, choral vocal arrangements, prepared guitar, processing, electronics, percussion, etc. Meditative and immersive. Edition of 400 copies - 150 clear, 250 black. Design by Daniel Castrejon, photographs by Faith Coloccia, letterpressed jackets by Stumptown Printers. 

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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Pre-Order " NOX" by Daniel Menche and Aaron Turner

 Available for pre-order HERE

SIGE Records 2017 / SIGE 055. Edition of 400 copies. 150 clear vinyl, 250 black vinyl.
Side A - NOX (16:16)
Side B - NOX (15:28)
Custom letterpressed LP jackets by Stumptown Printers.
Photography by Faith Coloccia, art/design by Daniel Castrejon.

Daniel Menche is a prolific musician whose work in the fields of noise and experimentalism displays both savage tactile expressionism and masterful studio manipulations. Aaron Turner is an equally prolific artist whose output veers from
violent guitar architectures to textural meditations. Consequently, their collaborative album Nox could have
been a brutish exercise in punishing frequencies and aural assaults. Instead, Nox is what Turner describes as “a combo of Daniel’s more free-flowing form of
impulsive music making and my more contemplative composition.”
Consisting of one lone track over the course of two sides of an LP, Nox uses its allowance of time to patiently wind and unravel around Menche’s intuitive and free-associative vocal and drum treatments. Manipulated and wrought to the point of abstraction, this spontaneous underpinning served as the narrative backbone to Turner’s orchestral vocal arrangements. Over the course of the year-long
development process, the two musicians maintained a continual dialogue on the direction of the album, taking turns adding
their accents and embellishments to the composition. Field recordings, found sounds, and auxiliary instrumentation
fleshed out the recording until Nox developed into a final ruminative experience.
Menche and Turner had previously worked together on the Mamiffer/Menche collaborative album Crater, though Nox bears closer sonic relations to other
endeavors in both artists’ canons. One can hear vestiges of Menche’s more percussion-based albums like Concussions or
Turner’s more ethereal vocal-based work with Jodis on their most recent offering. And while the tactics and tools used for
creating the album are very much of the modern age, the duo conjure the timeless elements of the transcendental hymns of
Arvo Pärt or the tonal clusters of György Ligeti through their patient, economical
approach. Ultimately, Nox creates a lush, inviting, and deeply dimensional world that belie the cold basements of Portland, OR and Vashon, WA where it was slowly brought to fruition.

Also available:

THALASSA: The duo of Aaron Turner and William Fowler Collins

Barnett + Coloccia "WELD" Cassette release
Available HERE

Also available: 1 more copy of the SIGE Records grab box:

*Mamiffer performs their last show in a while? (babies) on July 6th at Chop Suey in Seattle with friends Zen Mother (featuring SIGE BF Monika Khot!)*

Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner also have been commissioned to write a composition for this event/festival: performed by Polish Orchestra:

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Japan 2017 
6/30:金 小岩BushBash w/FRIENDSHIP、黒電話666 
7/1:土 今池HuckFinn 
7/2:日 心斎橋Conpass 
7/3:月 新代田Fever w/灰野敬二 with Keji Haino

Monday, May 15, 2017

Daniel Menche "Sleeper" out this week on SIGE

Daniel Menche's "SLEEPER" 3xCD is released this week on SIGE - we are honored and excited! Today NPR Music has a track premiere and write-up on Daniel, his music and the album:

You can get the 3xCD HERE.

Preview the artwork below: Collage and design by Faith Coloccia, Photographs by Daniel Menche.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

SIGE artist shows and press

Alex Barnett

6/5- 6/7 EMS

Nordra (Monika Khot)

5.24 - Riga, Latvia @ Aleponija
5.25 - Oslo, Norway @ Maksitaksi
5.26 - Mechelen, Belgium @ In Utero Festival
5.27 - Prague, Czech Republic @ MeetFactory w/ WAND
5.28 - Leipzig, Germany @ Akko
5.29 - Vienna, Austria @ AU
5.30 - Milan, Italy @ Santeria
5.31 - Verona, Italy @ Malacarne Barassociazione
**More TBA

6/15 Seattle WA Chop Suey


July 6 Chop Suey, Seattle WA, With Zen Mother

Marshall Trammell:

February 2017 -2018 BFF residency at Prelinger Library

5/17 Prelinger Library San francisco, CA
Library is located at 301 8th Street, Room 215, San Francisco, CA

5/20 San Antonio Park, Oakland, CA

Zachary James Watkins

5/12 The Chapel, Seattle



Japan 2017 
6/30:金 小岩BushBash w/FRIENDSHIP、黒電話666 
7/1:土 今池HuckFinn 
7/2:日 心斎橋Conpass 
7/3:月 新代田Fever w/灰野敬二 with Keji Haino

Thursday, January 26, 2017

SIGE artists shows

Black Spirituals

BFF residency at Prelinger Library

Febraury 2017 -2018

5/27 Kaiola Festival 

6/18 Supersonic Festival in Birmingham UK 


3/24 Leaven Community House 5431 NE 20th Avenue, Portland OR
3/25 Seattle WA Teatro de la Psychomachia 


3/24 Leaven Community House 5431 NE 20th Avenue, Portland OR
3/25 Seattle WA Teatro de la Psychomachia 

Daniel Menche

3/24 Leaven Community House 5431 NE 20th Avenue, Portland OR
3/25 Seattle WA Teatro de la Psychomachia 

Thalassa (Aaron Turner + William Fowler Collins)

3/24 Leaven Community House 5431 NE 20th Avenue, Portland OR
3/25 Seattle WA Teatro de la Psychomachia 


4/1 Anacortes WA


20/04 - PRAGUE, CZ 
21/04 - LEIPZIG, DE 
23/04 - TILBURG, NL
24/04 - BRUSSELS, BE
25/04 - LONDON, UK
26/04 - LEEDS, UK
27/04 - BRIGHTON, UK
28/04 - PARIS, FR
29/04 - CREIL, FR 
01/05 - MILAN, IT
02/05 - RAVENNA, IT
03/05 - LAUSANNE, CH
04/05 - MUNICH, DE
05/05 - BERLIN, DE


venue: Earthdom
location: Shin Okubo, Tokyo
w/ Yousuke Yukimatsu

venue: Huck Finn
location: Nagoya Imaike, Aichi
w/ BLACK GANION, CARRE, Yousuke Yukimatsu

venue: Conpass
location: Higashi Shinsaibashi, Osaka
w/ SOLMANIA, FEROCIOUS X, Yousuke Yukimatsu